Why does it smell like wet dog in here?

     Ok so here is the deal: Yesterday (January 12th, 2017) was a full moon, and today is Friday the 13th. So it’s time to talk about the strange thoughts that go through my mind on a constant basis:
     What would I be like if I were a werewolf?

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May The Force Be With You

    Wow, my final Blog post of 2016. I apologize for it not being on it’s regular day, but it seems fitting that it is today that I write this.
     With the title “May The Force Be With You” I have to address the sad death of Carrie Fisher, followed by her mothers death the very next day. There have been a number of celebrity deaths this year including Alan Rickman, Anton Yelchin, Prince, and so many more. Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is… Me

     In previous years my exuberant and overwhelming enthusiasm for the Christmas holidays was quite obvious to those around me. I could hardly wait to trim the tree and decorate the house with ornaments and little knick-knacks until finally I could simply feel the Christmas spirit in the air.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

      When November/December arrives to the northern Alberta regions, there is a great abundance of snow that is included in this “Winter Package” of sorts. It also includes the freezing temperatures that I like to call “next year I’m moving to a tropical location”, “I can’t feel my face, is it blue?” And of course, “Did I just see a yeti in a parka?”

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I’ve Got A Dream!

     Hello friends, I know that I have been absent recently and I’m sorry about that.
     Do you ever have a time in your life, or a thought that won’t leave you alone. And it all comes down to the belief that you have nothing to say?

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No matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

     Before I begin on the subject I have chosen today, I would like to introduce a new feature of the blog: SONG OF THE WEEK!!
     This week’s song is “Try Everything” By Shakira from the Zootopia Soundtrack.
     *Cue epic dance moves*

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I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine…. And you shall be my squishy!

 …Is what every Disney movie says to my feels.
     Ok, let’s be honest: pretty much every movie I ever see does this to me. And it’s always worse when I go to the theater.
     And that’s why I’m so entertaining to see a movie with.

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