Like so many things it is not what is on the Outside, but what is on the Inside that counts – Disney’s Aladdin.

There are a few things that I wish for in this broken world. And most of them have to do with the fact that we seem to be running out of love somewhere along the way. I have this habit of loving hard and fast no matter what evidence is shown to me that I should stop. This has caused many a heartache, but I persist in the pursuit of loving.

What if I were to receive 3 wishes from a genie? Would I wish for fame or opt for the world to heal from the devastation and disaster? Would I be capable of a love that would end the suffering in the world?

Among all of those things I wish I could simply see the intentions of the people I meet. I wish that somehow things could be reversed and the heart of people was the first thing we saw instead of the outward appearance that faces us. Would that turn the world upside down? The thought that every con artist, evil thought, and conniving spirit would be displayed on a persons skin as if it were tattoos. And in the same way a person’s loving intention and kindness would also be displayed.

Would you be able to trust a person more if you were to see if they were sincere or if they had somewhat dishonourable intentions?

Now this thought is brought on by the simple sentence that I face on a constant basis: “You are kind and have a wonderful personality, but…”

I face that sentiment because even though I may fit into a wonderful personality, I am not the most attractive person in the world. And those who truly value my inner qualities do assure me that I am beautiful, but I face the fact every single day that I am not a true beauty when it comes to the standards of todays world.

So what if that was flipped? Would the world truly see me as beautiful if they were to see the kindness and love I try to give freely everyday? In some ways I feel like maybe I would have a fighting chance for love and acceptance if that were the case.

But what if they were to see the struggles and scars that my heart has faced and continues to face? What if they saw the angry words I whisper to myself in rush hour traffic? The judgement I thought for a moment and wished I could take back? What if they could see the jealousy and anger I’ve felt when someone broke my heart?

What if they could see that even though I love so much, I’m really just wishing I could find that same love along the way?

Would I be beautiful or would the world still find ugliness in the center of it all?

So maybe we should keep working on the beauty that is inside and with the help of those who truly love us and accept us, we can then accept the beauty that we truly have.

Inside and out.

Like a diamond in the rough.

One thought on “Like so many things it is not what is on the Outside, but what is on the Inside that counts – Disney’s Aladdin.

  1. When I read this, it makes me sad.
    Sad that you have to think that you are not the most attractive person in the world.
    Sad that you’re right – the world does judge you by your outside appearance.
    Sad that I don’t have the words to say to you so you never feel that pain again.
    But I’m so HAPPY that you are you. So HAPPY that you’re in my life.


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