Confessions Of A Broken Heart

    I will warn you right now, this is not going to be a fun or inspirational blog.

    This is me trying to heal a broken heart and cleanse my mind of all of the questions and anxiety that I have faced the past few weeks. A few months ago I started dating a man whom I thought was “The One”, being a hopeless romantic I fell in love hard and fast. Life was bliss as it seemed like at every turn we were thinking the same thing. We sang together, laughed together, and even cried together.
    We would sit together and dream about the future. And I loved that every morning he would text me with a simple “Good Morning, Beautiful”
    But even good things come to an end.
    And even in the anger and pain of a breakup I still miss him.
    So without further adieu:
    “To Whom It May Concern.
    I’m sorry that we couldn’t put the anger and emotion aside to simply figure out everything together. I’m sorry that in the middle of it all we didn’t slow down and talk. 
    I lost myself in you and in doing so I lost some of the parts of myself that make me who I am. I abandoned my friends and family in the pursuit of making you happy, yet I don’t think I ever did succeed.  Maybe that’s why near the end there was resentment and anger.
    I felt you pull away and in an attempt to save what I thought we were I desperately clung to everything I could. And I guess that pushed you away. 
    Your actions and words were hurtful and filled with hate. And I know that I made mistakes in this too, but we all make mistakes don’t we? Does that mean that I’m inherently unforgivable?
    No, I am forgivable and you made mistakes too. And it may take some time, but I will find forgiveness for them. Not for you, but for me.
    I hope that you reach for your goals and dreams. I hope that your friends truly have your back. I hope that you find love and happiness. 
    I hope you find what you’re looking for. 
    Please take care of yourself.
    I really did love you.

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