Why does it smell like wet dog in here?

     Ok so here is the deal: Yesterday (January 12th, 2017) was a full moon, and today is Friday the 13th. So it’s time to talk about the strange thoughts that go through my mind on a constant basis:
     What would I be like if I were a werewolf?

     I would firstly like to address the elephant in the room of my generation, which is a little novel turned movie that some of you might know. It’s called Twilight, just in case you’ve missed it and I would officially like to announce which “team” I always cheered for during the release of the movie series. There is a valid reason for my choice. So you heard it here first (T-shirts may follow) “I choose Team Jacob, because why would I want to have a demon baby when I could have puppies?”
     Its the logical choice, just think about it.
     I’ve always been intrigued by books, movies, and tv shows that are outside of the box which very quickly included fantasy and sci-fi genres. Along with these genres of media I also find myself drawn to low budget b-movies that others might seem as underrated.
     What can I say, I like the underdog.
     (See what I did there?)
     In a lot of these movies there is a distinct battle between vampires and werewolves and 9 times out of 10 I will choose the side of the werewolves. There is something ultimately heartbreaking about the treatment and lives of these characters that happen to be a werewolf. They are constantly oppressed and used for evil purposes. My favorite vampire/werewolf movie is Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman (Note the title). And that movie really pulls my heartstrings that Dracula is turning people into werewolves and then using them as slaves for his evil purposes. And these poor people have no control over the changes that happen to them.
     This concept is also shown in Harry Potter when it is revealed that Professor Remus Lupin was bitten by a werewolf at a very young age and spent the rest of his life hiding this curse from everyone, leaving him feeling alone and shunned from everyone. Fortunately he found friends who accepted him for who he was, but it didn’t make his life easy in any way.
     But this is something that is easily compared to this crazy journey we call life. There are things that are out of our control that can ultimately control parts of our lives. Whether it’s a natural disaster that destroys homes, diseases, debilitating mental illness, broken families, segregation due to skin color or sexual orientation to name only a few of the many tragedies that affect the lives of innocent people. Things that challenge even the strongest people in this cruel world.
     There is an appalling series of unforgivable things happening to women on a daily basis: Rape and Physical Violence that as we have seen in the past few months (and since the beginning of time) happen without any or minimal punishment to the offenders in these emotional and physically damaging crimes. Young men getting little to no jail time because they have some sort of high status in life that could be jeopardized by the justice system doing their job and locking these monsters up for their crime. But no, these men are pardoned because they have a substantial potential in college or a career. And then this leaves these poor women who have been violated, beaten, and scarred for life to live in a world where there is absolutely no justice for a crime that is eternally damaging.
     I do not care if you were drunk, or under the influence of a psychedelic drug, never under any circumstances is it anyone’s right to intimately touch another person without the express permission of everyone involved.
     In my mind the men who are getting away with this are reprehensible and with no consequence for the crimes they have committed, I believe that this is something that will happen more and more.
   On another note and  not going into the details of my life, I have to say that sometimes I feel like a werewolf in today’s society. I feel alone and so very different from the people around me, sometimes I have even had people who I thought who were close to me that have done inexplicably hurtful things that may have been unintentional but they hurt nonetheless.
     Over the last year I feel like I have had to dig deep to find a strength I didn’t know I possessed, simply because I had no other options. There were times that I felt trapped in my own mind, with no understanding how I would escape. I have cried myself to sleep and woke up with a overwhelming sadness that made even the brightest days overshadowed by the storm in my mind. I’ve braved a stormy sea that I never intended to set sail on, and its something that has made me stronger, and it has also presented times that I had to make very tough choices.
     But through it all I, like Remus Lupin, have been lucky to find true friends who have become my family and who accept me for exactly who I am in this very broken moment. With no judgment and a constant love.
      So may I encourage you that even though there are storms that come our way, prejudice’s that are cast upon us, or a moon rising casting light on our deepest fears.
     You are not alone.
     We are all underdogs together and we will get through this crazy thing called life.

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