May The Force Be With You

    Wow, my final Blog post of 2016. I apologize for it not being on it’s regular day, but it seems fitting that it is today that I write this.
     With the title “May The Force Be With You” I have to address the sad death of Carrie Fisher, followed by her mothers death the very next day. There have been a number of celebrity deaths this year including Alan Rickman, Anton Yelchin, Prince, and so many more.
     There have also been deaths of many non celebrities this year including people who have impacted the world, or simply impacted the world of someone I know. The feeling of loss and sadness has seemed to surround people this year, as it has seemed an unkindly fate has struck us all in a number of ways.
     Whether it was a natural disaster that destroyed homes and livelihoods, families torn apart by words, the death of a loved one, or the end of a relationship. I have personally witnessed these things and experienced so many other situations and heartbreak that it has made my heart sad and hardened to this past year.
     So where do we go from here?
     Well I woke up this morning on the day of the eve of the new year with the sun shining in my window, a migraine that had lasted this entire last week gone, and one of my favorite songs on repeat in my head. Ya’ll know it’s gonna be a Disney song, and in fact one that I have referenced in this very blog: “I See The Light” from Disney’s Tangled.
      Tangled is one of my favorite movies and it invokes every emotion throughout the entirety of the film. (WARNING: SPOILERS) I feel anger towards Mother Gothel for her deceit, I cry and feel sadness every time Eugene is stabbed and dies, and I fall in love every time the first few notes of “I see the light” start playing and that first lantern is released into the animated air.
     But just before that moment there is an exchange between Rapunzel and Eugene that gives me a hope that I cannot explain. dream
     “You get to go and find a new dream” *sigh* What a beautiful thought! And what a beautiful way to look at the world and the upcoming new year!
     So with that I implore you, to look outside of the dream that you are currently clutching to your chest. Dream as big as you can imagine, and then take one step further and pursue the dream that makes your heart beat fast and your soul content. Stir up that passion and conviction and follow it to place you feel you are meant to go.
      No resolutions, but promises. A promise to yourself that you will not compromise the dream and goal you are trying to achieve. And that if you find that your dream is not what you want, that you will find a new dream.
     So with that I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
     And May The Force Be With You. 

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