I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine…. And you shall be my squishy!

 …Is what every Disney movie says to my feels.
     Ok, let’s be honest: pretty much every movie I ever see does this to me. And it’s always worse when I go to the theater.
     And that’s why I’m so entertaining to see a movie with.

     It’s not surprising though, that I have become used to this intense emotional roller coaster every time I enter the movie theater or find a new movie on Netflix. And it was definitely not surprising what would happen this past week when I decided to go and see “Finding Dory” in the theaters.
     That’s right, Disney. You made me cry not once, but four separate times during the course of this film.
     Are you happy now?
     This is not going to be a blog post filled with spoilers and popcorn flying at my head because I revealed a secret about Finding Dory. Truth is I was far too emotional to objectively watch the film and seek out it’s inside jokes, and clever puns. There were certainly a lot of them, I just don’t remember them.
     Instead I would like to focus on the complete wreck I am, and how that is endearing and entertaining for those around me.
     At least I think it is…
     Now, I remember seeing a lot of films in the theater but it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that someone made it known how expressive I was during a movie. My family and I went to the toonie theater and there wasn’t very many options so we chose to see the film “Hoodwinked” for the first time. If you haven’t seen it, Hoodwinked is a retelling of the Grimm’s fairytail about Little Red Riding Hood.
     It has a musical number, plot twists and a grandmother who’s recreational habits that are quite fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to the very end. It reminded me of an old scholastic book I had read about the actual truth of the three little pigs. It took a well known story and flipped it on it’s tail, and I enjoy that sort of thing.
     I enjoyed it so much in fact that I found myself to be the subject of conversation following the film (not that I mind), and it got me questioning if I was really animated when I watched movies and TV shows.
     I was quickly told that yes, yes I was.
     I became self aware of the fact and at the next few chances to see a movie, I tried to hold myself back in fear that I would wear my heart on my animated sleeve and that people would make fun of me because of it. This did nothing to help my enjoyment of the movie, and I eventually just gave it up and accepted that I was a bit quirky in this regard and that people would have to just deal with my crazy tears and laughter.
     But don’t we all do that? Have a part of our personality that is completely innocent that somehow becomes an embarrassment? Personally I seek out people that have quirky tendencies because I know that they will understand my strange little language of life. I’m not going to give any examples here because I think that if you are reading this and it connects to you somehow, you already know what that little piece of your personality is.
     But you know what? I love it!
     I love that we are all different and that sometimes yes, that means that we all don’t get along. But if you are being your quirky self and you aren’t hurting anyone, keep on! Show the world a little crazy.
     I did hate this part of myself for a while, and it was due to some harsh and mean words from people who I realized didn’t have a place to speak into my life. But that lesson is hard, and not something that is easy to go through.
     Now I have a bit of apprehension when I go to see a movie with friends, but I warn them in advance that this is something that  I do. And that even though I am aware of it, there is nothing I will do to ever change it.
     So sit back, eat your popcorn and enjoy the show. Because there’s two of them now.

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