Oh Canada!!!!

     First of all, I’m sorry.
     And second…
     Pass the poutine.

     *Cue Patriotic, Instrumental rendition of OH CANADA*
      Tomorrow is Canada Day and in celebration I would like to point out some of the things I love most about living in this beautiful country.
     Now there are Television and Movie references all the time aboot Canada such as the two moose brothers in Disney’s Brother Bear, Sandra Bullock playing a Canadian in “The Proposal”, and of course a personal favorite:
     Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother!
     Nothing is as funny as seeing your country constantly be made fun of in the most obvious ways when the main character of an American TV show is originally from Canada. There are ‘eh’ jokes, how Canadian apologies work, Degrassi, and of course the Canadian Pop Star Idol: Robin Sparkles!!!
     Seriously though, I wish that Robin Sparkles was a real thing.
     That way when I sing “Let’s go to the Mall” or “Sandcastles in the Sand” I don’t look like a complete hozer.
     But to be truthful, why wouldn’t I love this country? I mean, who doesn’t love to wake up to find a moose in their front yard, or have the best maple syrup in the world, or be polite, or have a variety of forest animals be your friend at the snap of your finger.
     We are pretty much Disney in real life.
     I recently went to the USA for a vacation, and I had a wonderful time exploring the States that I visited. I even went to the Grand Canyon and Vegas, which were both very exciting places to be. But I honestly was eager to come home and once again enjoy my poutine and apologize for no reason.
     So from the polar bear to the Wolverine, the orca whale to the lobster, and the very Canadian corners of my heart, I wish you all a very happy Canada Day.
     And may the poutine be with you!
 WENDY'S RESTAURANTS OF CANADA - Oh Poutine! Grab your forks

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