Look at you! You think that he’s impressed? – An investigative look into Mother Gothel’s past (Part 3)

Last month I started a new monthly addition to my blog entitled “Story Time”. It was the first part in a short story about Mother Gothel (From Tangled) and how a look into her (fictional) past might be the key to knowing why she was so obsessed with age and beauty.
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    This is her story….

    A continuation of the story from “Mother Knows Best – An investigative look into Mother Gothel’s past (Part 2)”
    As the Em walked next to the handsome stranger, she couldn’t help but feel as though she was out of place. She was certain she could beat him in a battle of wits, but it was obvious he was from money and had every luxury the world could offer.
    A woman like her would be boring to a gentleman like him.
    But as they continued on the pathway towards the village, he seemed keen on keeping her involved in the conversation and even encouraged her to tell him things about her simpleton life. It was if he was interested in her life,
    As they arrived to the top of a hill that neared the village and overlooked the water, Em was disappointed that soon she would no longer be in the company of the gentleman and that the conversation would end.
    “You know what we should do?” Flynn interrupted her thoughts.
    “What?” Em asked with confusion.
    “We should quickly get some food from the village and return to this hill and spend the evening continuing this captivating conversation!” Flynn took her hand in his with excitement, and Em felt her breath leave her body.
    “But surely you have things that you need to be doing” Em tried to let the poor man out of his sense of duty.
    “There is nothing that I would rather do than to spend more time with you.” His word made Em’s heart flutter as if it were filled with a thousand butterflies.
    “Well, then I imagine we should get our supplies then.” Em let out an excited smile and followed Flynn to the village.
    They quickly found the food and supplies they needed, Flynn even bought Em her very own cape made out of a sophisticated green material with gold embroidery.
    They spent the evening amongst the tall trees along the edge of the hill that lead to the waters. They were deep in conversation and when the sun finally set, they counted the stars.
    As they spoke of how magical the heavens were, Flynn’s arm once again brushed against hers and Em turned away to hide her blush.
    “Have I embarrassed you, my lady?” Flynn turned his body to speak to Em and in doing so moved closer.
    “I’m not embarrassed, just simply not use to such attention from a handsome stranger.” Em looked into the eyes of Flynn Rider, and was determined to not let something silly like embarrassment make her look away.
    He pushed aside a lock of her hair and then with a falling star as a wink from the heavens, Flynn Rider kissed her.
    It was a simple kiss, but it invited the butterflies back to do their dance of infatuation in her heart. Flynn then stood and held out his hand to her and they danced under the stars. They danced until Em was exhausted with the elation of falling in love and as the sun began to rise on another day she sat by the fire letting the sleepiness take over.
    She felt protected because Flynn was just on the opposite side of the fire.
    When she woke from the cold, she was surprised to find that Flynn was gone. There was no sign of him or his horse as Em stood and walked around the camp that they had made in confusion.
    “Perhaps he will return shortly” Em spoke aloud to the emptiness.
    Such naive words she soon discover.
    The longer she waited, the more her heart ached and she couldn’t stop an unsettling feeling in her heart where there had been butterflies only a few hours before.
    The sun was well above the canopy of the trees as Em stood and fastened the cloak around herself. The birds wouldn’t even have their melodic conversations as she passed along the path.
    Em walked through the streets of the village and felt as though she couldn’t even make eye contact with the people as she passed. She only had one thought on her mind: “Why”
    When all of her efforts to find the handsome stranger, Flynn Rider, had failed Em purchased the few items for her mother and set out for her journey home.
    However, she wasn’t sure how her heart would take the journey.
    As she walked from the shops near the dock there was a boisterous sound at the pub and Em looked for only a brief second, but that was long enough.
    There stood Flynn Rider, with a beautiful young lady in his arms.
    Em dropped the satchel with her few items and her hand flew to her mouth in shock. Flynn’s eyes met hers with shock and Em quickly dropped to the ground to gather her things and leave.
    She would not let him see her cry.
    She only made it a few steps before a hand touched her shoulder, and she once again turned and looked into the hazel eyes of the handsome stranger who had most recently broken her heart.
    “Em, I…” He began but Em quickly raised her hand and pushed his hand away.
    “I do not wish to hear any excuse you have to give!” Em spoke with a resolve in her voice she wasn’t aware she possessed.
    A tear fell down her cheek and gave away her shattered heart.
    “I’m sorry if I hurt you. I just figured it would be better this way.” Flynn continued and placed his hand on her arm once again.
    “Better to leave me on that ridge and know not if you intended to return? Or better to leave the stupid girl behind and find something more to your interests?” Em made no point of hiding her obvious disgust with the entire situation.
    The only problem was that her heartache was visible as well.
    “I leave by boat today and will not be returning to this village for some time. Even though I truly enjoyed your company I felt as though a drawn out goodbye would only hurt us after our perfect day yesterday.” Flynn’s words seemed to try to achieve a sense of diplomacy of the situation, but to Em’s ears they only seemed heartless.
    “So you just decided to leave” Em was aware her words were more of a question than a statement.
    “It seemed better that way” Flynn stepped back and the space between them was cold.
    “I could go with you! Find a grand adventure with you!” Em grasped at one final thread of optimism.
     “What would a simple country girl such as yourself do on an adventure?”
     Flynn’s words were a slap in the face, and then suddenly a large bell rang out to indicate a ship was ready for departure.
    Em watched as Flynn retreated.
    “I’m not trying to be the bad guy. You come from humble and simple beginnings. Although you might want adventure, I don’t think it’s something that’s suited to your personality” Flynn turned to leave but paused. He casually tossed a small dagger to the ground at her feet.
    It would have hurt less if he had stabbed her in the heart.
    “Be careful out there in the woods” were the final words Em would hear from the handsome and cruel Flynigan Rider.
    As he disappeared into the crowd rushing towards the dock, Em lifted the dagger and her satchel.
    It seemed as though a thousand voices assaulted her at once, some from the onlookers in the market, and some from inside her head.
    “What would a plain thing like that think would happen?”
    “Im surprised he even talked to her”
    “If she were prettier and a bit younger perhaps she would hold his attention.”
    “She won’t ever amount to anything with a face like that”
    “How stupid could she be?”
    “Have you heard her speak to herself, I’m surprised that she hasn’t been hunted for being a witch”
    Em fought back tears and pushed her way through the crowd, and as she reached the ridge that overlooked the village she could see the ship leave the harbour.
    Instead of continuing down the path to her home Em instead turned and followed a path that was filled with overhanging branches and uneven cobble stones.
    She would have her own adventure, no one would miss her anyway. And besides she had enough supplies to last her a week or more.
    For over two days Em made her way through the wilderness and when she felt as though she might fall down from the heartache and pain, she came across a clearing in the foothills where a majestic waterfall ran into a little river. There were trees scattered throughout the clearing, and atop a small hill there was an old and abandoned stone cabin.
    Some would call it paradise.
    Em began work right away, firstly to seclude the clearing from any visitors and then stone by stone she began to build the cabin higher and higher until it was a tower where no one would be able to touch her broken heart.
    And one day as she walked along the darkened forest, and as age began to define her even more, Em saw a light fall from the heavens. She quickly ran to the very place where her heart had dreamed of love, and instead she found a magic golden flower.
NOTE: This is a work of Fan Fiction and I do not own any of these characters.

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