Hello, I’m Dory (Hi Dory!) and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a fish!

   Due to the upcoming movie “Finding Dory” and the anticipation that it brings to me, I feel like I must clear the air on my opinion of the main character.

    There are three things that happen to me when I hear someone talk about Dory.
    First – I fangirl over the fact that the movie is almost here! (OMG TOMORROW!! *squee*)
    Second – I silently curse at Pixar for making me wait so long for the sequal to one of the most amazing movies, ever
    And C – I automatically think about Dory’s characteristics. I.E. that she’s blue and yellow, her short term memory, her tenatious attitude, and of course her dedication to helping Marlin search for his lost son through the dangerous waters of the ocean.
    Do you ever do that too? Meet someone for the first time or hear of someone in a conversation you have never met and automatically assign them personality traits because of the name they have been given?
    Because I sure do!
    First off, anytime I meet anyone with the name “Chris”, I automatically assume they will end up in a Marvel movie.
    Now this is just a personal observation, and it is anything but 100% accurate. Also it is all in fun.
    Let’s look at the name Mike. I have met a lot of “Mike’s” along the way, and there are three things I will always think when I meet someone new with that name.
    #1 – They are usually very sweet/quiet when you first meet them
    #2 – They usually have some sort of collection of sarcastic or dirty jokes on a whim.
    #3 – After you have known them for a while, they have no qualms about speaking about any subject to you, at anytime, for an unlimited amount of time.
    These qualities are what make the “Mike’s” I know so fantastic, and it applies to all of them.
    Another good example for a name that I immediately look for a certain trait is: “Chelsea”
    Out of all the Chelsea’s that I know there are two who are my closest friends, and honestly two of the wisest people I know. I (of course) have three traits that I assume are going to quickly be used to describe any Chelsea I meet.
    #1 – Amazing sense of humour
    #2 – Doesn’t judge a person based on superficial traits.
    #3 – Has a wild and quirky side that no  one expects.
    How am I doing so far? Do any of these traits seem like things you notice in the people around you on a daily basis?
    Of course there is always that one awesome black sheep, who no matter what their name is always finds a way to break the mold. No matter their place of birth, upbringing or what side of the bed they woke up on, find a positive way to change the world.
     People like this are treasures.
    There is one last name that always has an effect on how I see the World. And that name is: “Elizabeth”
    My name is Elizabeth.
    Now I know what you’re saying: “What? I thought your name was Libby!”. At least that’s what the “About” section says it is! And you would be entirely right, because I do go by “Libby” before I ever tell someone that my name is “Elizabeth”
     There are a few reasons for this, but mostly it is because I’m intimidated by my given name.
     You try being named after the queen!
     When I was young I was given the nickname Libby, but there were still friends and members of the family that called me “Elizabeth”. But I have to admit I have always felt there was also a certain expectation to reach the standards that the name implied:
     #1 – Always strong
     #2 – Always knows the right thing to say, and when to say it, and what to do.
     #3 – A strong sense of self with no movement from the solid rock that is her faith in herself.
     Just think about Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. She has all of these qualities, and is thought of one of the most outspoken and strong female characters in literature. These qualities are bit intimidating for someone to carry, even on a good day. And especially through my teenage years and early twenties I felt as though I had lost all sight of becoming this woman that I was expected to be.
     That’s why I love the name “Libby”. It’s fun, different, and hardly anyone else has it. Things that made me a bit more comfortable being the pain-in-the-butt, sarcastic-know-it-all that I have been my whole life.
    I loved that freedom.
    It was only recently that I realized that I was using my name “Libby” for a reason that I wasn’t even aware of. That in making it a part of me, I had actually become a whole new person that could use her name to define her in a positive way.
    I was using the name “Libby” to have the freedom to try to achieve to be an “Elizabeth” every day.
    Mind blown.
    Now I am nothing perfect, I am striving to be that strong person, and just like every other example I used there are always exceptions to the rule. Or in this case the simple coincidence of names and the personalities they represent.
    But I think the fun of it is that we all get to determine how the world sees us. Or at least the people who are close.
    So define your name, don’t let it define you.
     And remember: Just Keep Swimming!

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