I Could Do This All Day – Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War.

     Recently, and with great anticipation I might add, I went to the theater with some close friends to see the new Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War.”
     TEAM CAP!!
     Warning if you have not seen the movie, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

     The first thing I’d like to address is the new movie itself. And in my opinion it was a damn good one.
     Now, I don’t claim to know a lot about the comic books, but I do claim to be a “Comic Book/Superhero Movie Nerd” and I was quite impressed with the movie. It was action packed, with a sprinkle of well timed humor and once again I found the story telling to be truthful of the family dynamic that they were trying to obtain.
     Also, Spider-man was hilarious.
     As was Antman.
     And Falcon.
     And Captain America wrestled down a helicopter with his bare hands.
     You get the picture.
     Of course one of the main story arcs is between Captain America and his long time best friend Bucky Barnes, who is now known as the assassin “The Winter Soldier”. And like many of the other interpersonal stories, this one hits close to the heart. What would you do if you thought your best friend was dead and then they showed up years later having assassinated people while being under mind control?
     I don’t know about you, but I would probably lose my cool.
     I remember watching the first Captain America movie and just being crushed that Bucky died. I was a literal hot mess as my tears fell into my popcorn, my friends pretended that I was a stranger, and I placed myself in Steve Rogers shoes and the emotional devastation he would be feeling in that moment.
     Am I the only one who thinks of this?:
      “Copper, you’re my very best friend”
     “You’re mine too Todd”
     Then as Marvel Cinematic Universe moved us through the first Avengers film, Iron man 3 (I’ll talk more about why that is one of my favorite Marvel films at a later date), and the second Thor film, I was eagerly awaiting the continuation of Captain Rogers story.
     Have I mentioned that I’m a big Captain America fan?
     Anyway, Winter soldier certainly didn’t disappoint with the emotional roller coaster and even though I had a suspicion that Bucky Barnes was the Winter Soldier (I didn’t dare go on IMDB before I saw it in the theaters) I was still hit with the shock and sadness that this is what Bucky had become: A violent killing machine that didn’t remember who he was.
     So needless to say I was eagerly awaiting this next chapter in the MCU.
     I’m emotionally invested, dammit!
     Let’s talk about the Sokovia accords for a moment. Was anyone else on the edge of their seat wanting to throw popcorn at this weak attempt at wrangling in Superheroes to succumb and work for Corporate America? Need I remind everyone that the government was going to NUKE New York?
     That’ll destroy way more of the city and kill thousands of innocents.
     Or when a Government approved, Hydra infiltrated SHIELD was going to shoot millions of people to start a fear-driven communism tyranny, the Avengers get in trouble for destroying property and for the lives that are lost in an attempt to save even more.
     Although I have to admit I give the government the right to be a little upset about the Avengers destroying more than a few locations, Sokovia included, and the lives lost due to a psycho Artificial Intelligence that was created in the lab of Tony Stark.
     But seriously, two out of three aint bad.
     And I understand that the worlds leaders want an element of control in this crazy time of alien-invasions-and-people-flying-in-the-sky, but this knee jerk reaction on their part is one of the pieces that starts a much bigger problem.
     When you include the personal arc of Tony Stark and his personal demons (I will also be talking about this in a future blog) Captain America: Civil War is a dynamite of emotion that impacts the audience.
     And an airport.
     To me, the jokes were well timed, the fight scenes were fantastic, and the emotional journey hit me with force and was just as important as the exciting action sequences.
     There were a few moments I felt were perhaps not as explored as I would have liked, for example the emotional arc of a certain Tony Stark, but overall I have to say that it was a well made film.
     And now we wait for Doctor Strange….
    Now I feel like I must address the elephant in the room:
     Captain America is working for hydra?!?!? (Well according to the recently released comics he is).
     And now the optimist in me is hoping that this some kind of cover up or parallel dimension, but if it’s not shame on you marvel.
     It would have been better to just reveal that Captain America was secretly Hugo Weaving this whole time.

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