Mother Knows Best – An investigative look into Mother Gothel’s past (Part 2)

     So I’ve been thinking about things, and here’s a thought:
     Maybe the magic golden flower doesn’t just grant the wish because of the song. It’s because it’s whoever is wishing that is what their heart truly desires. Repunzel to first heal then save Flynn, and Mother Gothel wishes for beauty and to be young.
     So without further adieu, I now bring you a new monthly feature to my blog:
     For the purposes of this completely fictional story we will use “Em” in reference to the main character, since we are never given a name other then Mother Gothel in the film.
     The sun rose until peaking over the rolling hills, creating pastel hues and cascading light over the countryside. As the people left there homes to start the day, birds could be heard having their musical conversations.
     Em woke to the songs and sat by her window taking in the scent of morning air. There was a familiar knock on her door, and as she rose to answer she gently reminded herself that things would all work out in the end.
     “Sleeping in? How’s that going to find you a husband?” Her mother’s every day greeting of a raised eyebrow and hand on her hip didn’t skip today, and Em tried to gently smile to perhaps skirt an emotional debate.
     “Simply enjoying the morning songs of nature” Em was unsure if this would appease her mother.
     “Waste of time” Her mother gruffly responded and completely threw that theory out the window.
     “Shall I go to the village, and pick up the things you need mother?” Em decided that flattery in the form of actions might be the way to avoid conflict on this otherwise glorious morning.
     “Fine, and be sure to listen for any news of eligible suitors. You wouldn’t want to be a burden on this family forever, would you?” Her Mother’s harsh words felt like a slap, but Em dared not move.
     With that her mother turned and left the room, and Em let out a shaky sigh.
     This was going to be a long day.
     Em dressed in a simple gown and readied herself by pulling her mass of black curls from her face. With a smile and a hug for her mother, she grabbed an apple to eat and left for the short journey to the nearby village.
     She was the eldest child in her family, and her two younger sisters married quickly after they were of the proper age, leaving her as the disappointment of the family. Of course, it was always known to her that she was the most undesirable of the three girls, with their glorious long blond hair and fair skin, and all she got was dark hair and skin from her father.
     Today was not a day to dwell on that though.
     Em hummed a song to herself as she made her way through the forest and was quickly lost in her introspective thoughts and dreams. She skipped along the middle of the road and sang to the birds and flowers in an attempt to lift her spirits. And with the birds singing in return, she was unaware that a horse approached behind her on the road.
     With flair she sang to dusty yellow flowers and picked one to place in her hair. A shadow caught her attention and she turned quickly to face the person who dared sneak up on her.
     She was met with Hazel eyes and a crooked smile. He was a handsome young man, indeed.
     “You know it’s considered rude to sneak up on someone” She called out defiantly.
     Surely that would set the handsome stranger straight.
     “I wouldn’t dare interrupt someone while they were singing so beautifully” His voice was so melodic it should be considered its own song.
     Wait, he heard her?!
     “Well, then” Em stuttered, “You are forgiven. Have a good day” With a dismissive nod, Em turned and continued down the path to hide her blushing cheeks.
     “But now that you have spoken, I feel as though it is a great opportunity to speak to you.” The guided his horse near and Em avoided eye contact, more in nervousness than in any other attempt.
     She stole a quick glance in his direction as he dismounted his horse, but then for the next few moments they walked side by side with no interaction.
     “What motivates a lady to walk alone through the woods on a day such as this?” He spoke at last and Em allowed herself to face him once again.
     “The motivation is to journey to village, I do not walk alone at this moment because you are here, and this day is like every other except if you acknowledge that yesterday it rained” Em replied confidentially. She was surprised and quite pleased with his reaction, for his laugh filled the forest and it was a joyous sound.
     “Of course I acknowledge that it rained yesterday, I’m glad you brought it up” He smiled at her and Em looked away quickly.
     He touched her arm and she jumped with surprise before turning to face him.
     “Would you like a gentleman to accompany you on your journey?”
     “I don’t know you, so it wouldn’t be right.” She tried to be the voice of reason.
     “What if I were to introduce myself?” He countered with a very good argument.
     “I suppose” Em tried to answer vaguely. She was struggling in not asking him if he was an eligible bachelor.
     “Right, and your name is miss…?” He looked at her expectantly.
     “Em” She didn’t mean to reply in such a quiet tone, but she had to admit the man was quite intimidating with his charming nature.
     “Well then miss, one might call me Flynigan Rider. And I hope that you will at least call me Flynn” He took her hand and bowed in a gentleman fashion.
     “Flynn” She confirmed with a breathless whisper.
     “Shall we continue on this ‘journey to the village’?” Flynn gestured to the road ahead of them, and Em smiled as she stepped next to him once again.
NOTE: This is a work of Fan Fiction and I do not own any of these characters.

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