Message In A Bottle

     Hello, well you are a beautiful creature, aren’t you? I suppose to start this off I should tell you something very important:

     “Help! I’m trapped in a bottle making factory on a secluded island!”
     Wait, thats not quite right. Let me begin again:
     As harps and cello begin to play in the background: “Oh, my love. I hope good fortune is brought to you from the four corners of the earth. And may you also prosper like a monkey”
     That doesn’t sound right either. Rewind.
     Honestly, I hope that wherever life finds you that you put up a good fight, seize the moment and know that at the end of the day you are worth more then what the world makes you out to be.
     Watch a few more sunsets, because they are never the same twice. Fall in love, make mistakes, fall down and then get up once again. And at least once, please try to count the stars.
     Now if you are in love with me, firstly I’m not that surprised. I’m pretty darn loveable, and I think you made a good choice.
     Secondly, I hope that you are brave enough to truly love me. I am a bit broken and have a defense against hurt by using sarcasm and wit. I have to say it has gotten me this far on a very lonely road, but I may have a hard time sharing the road.
     I guess what I’m saying is that if you read this and are able to tread some shifting seas and rocky ground we can share this island paradise together.
     Oh yeah, and apparently we have monkey’s as neighbors…

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