Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

So sometimes life just sucks.

If there is something to be taken from anything I have learned over the last few months (and years) is that life can sometime be very disappointing and hard. But even though it can be difficult, and sometimes may seem unmanageable, its our reaction to the events or the situation that truly matters.

Now this doesn’t mean that there aren’t horrible, and evil people in the world who are going to cross your path. Or some strange event, or situation that is so very out of your control and it changes your life forever. Believe me, I have been victim to both and it has devastated me and made it as though I was unable to move or find strength. Because in that moment I felt as though I had no strength left to find.
Another valuable lesson I have also learned is that our strength doesn’t always look the same to ourselves or other people. So sometimes I feel like because my life looks a lot different then it did a few years ago, and that I do things differently now, it might be seen as a sign of weakness. But in reality I am much stronger then I appear. And it’s that inner strength that motivates me to continue forward on this crazy journey called “Every Day Life”.
I’ve seen some dark days.
We all have.
And sometimes it’s hard to see past the darkness and that you come along way through it until the next bad day or situation comes along with its rainy cloud blocking the sun and you realize that it’s been pretty damn sunny all along.
Or maybe it has been one rain cloud after the next. Your coat is wet, your shoes have their own Eco system now, and that bus passes by you just as you are next to a puddle.     Life can be like that sometimes, to the point you wonder if there is any hope left in the world.
I have recently been through a rainy season. And I was standing on that sidewalk cursing at the rain. My dark rain cloud turning to very dark and sad thoughts.
But you wanna know a secrect about me?
Well, here it is: I LOVE TO DANCE IN THE RAIN!
No, that is not a metaphor. I actually love dancing in the rain. And although it doesn’t physically rain every time I’m sad or having a bad day. I take the time to remind myself that I can get through the hard times, because most days there is childish instinct in me to just be silly. And that instinct makes me happy.
I can’t promise anyone that there will never be rainy days, or intimidating mountains to climb. But there is always hope.
So grab your rain boots, dancing shoes, hiking gear, paint brush, pen, or musical instrument. What ever gives you joy, and turn that storm cloud over your head into a wonderful day where it “Kinda rained”
Go and enjoy the special moments that so many of us let slip by!
Also don’t be afraid to admit you’re having a rainy day. Pick up the phone. Call a friend, family member, or even a hotline. You are important and your voice is too precious not to be heard.
And remember:
“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

P.S. A gold star for everyone that gets that reference 😉


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